Mini Portable Cel-Fi GO G31 Telstra Phone Booster

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We were continually asked for a portable Cel-Fi booster kit that can be used in the car, in the boat, in the truck and tractor, and at home so we professionally made it and with Tin Can Solutions being Cel-Fi Certified Enterprise Installers, you get the best of the best.

This is the ultimate in portability.

The case itself holds the Cel-Fi GO and the Server antenna (Antenna that communicates with your phones). 

On the end of the portable cell booster is an SMA connection with weatherproof dust cover for the Donor Antenna (Antenna that communicates with the Cell Towers) and power socket/inlet also with an IP68 weatherproof cover that the power cables plug into.

As standard the portable booster comes with a 4.5m 12V / 24V DC power cable with cigarette lighter adaptor, but you can also purchase separately the 240V AC adaptor that plugs straight into the socket on the portable booster. This means that all you need to do is have the 240V cable and stationary antenna plugged in at the house or office and when you want to take the booster out with you, just unplug it and then plug it into the other car, boat, tractor or whatever and where-ever you need it.

You will need a donor antenna which is sold separately and we have a plethora of superior quality RFI antennas in stock that you can choose from and dependant on where you want to use the portable booster.

Donor Antenna Selection

For in the car, tractor or truck, we recommend the following donor antennas:

  • For ease of mobility, either the Pulse Larsen magnetic antenna which is compact and easily moved around antenna, or the RFI 5dBi CDR7194 with magnetic base that we have put together into a kit.
  • If mounting the antenna on the vehicle, read our guide on antenna selection.

For in the boat or on ships & trawlers:

  • Marine antenna fold down mount with RFI 6.5dBi antenna.
  • For ships and trawlers we recommend the RFI 6.5dBi COL7195 antenna which is clamped to a pole or mast with stainless steel hose clamps.

For on a house or on a building:

  • In suburbia where there is OK signal but nothing inside the building, the RFI 6.5dBi COL7195 antenna is a cheaper version which is clamped to a pole or mast with stainless steel hose clamps.
  • Where there is lots of RF noise from there being a lot of phone towers around, we recommend the RFI 11dBi LPDA7040 enclosed cone antenna so the signal can be directed to and from a specific phone tower.
  • Where signal is poor we recommend the RFI 11dBi LPDA7030 / Poynting LPDA-92 (Same antenna) open antenna which performs very well in these locations.
  • Where the signal is extremely poor and the tower is a long way away, we recommend using a Yagi 15dBi antenna that needs to be tuned in precisely to the phone tower and this antenna is only for a narrow band so it needs to be specified for the location to make sure that the phone tower has the band/frequency that these antennas are good for.

If you have any questions, just contact us below and we'll help you out with the correct antenna selection.

More Information
Cellular CarrierTelstra
Radio BandLTE
Input Voltage9.6 to 28.8 VDC
RF GainUp to 70dB set to Mobile Mode
Included AntennaRFI T5/T7 Patch Antenna
Cable Length4m
Electrical Plug SocketCigarette Lighter Adapter with LED Indicator
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