Two Ants Extension Strap

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Two Ants® Holster Extension Strap for larger people
Fits all Two Ants® chest & single sided holsters
Extends the elastic waist/shoulder strap by 75cm
Colour: Black

Holster Extension Strap

Hey! If you were born as a larger framed person, or just been in a green paddock for a while,
no need to stress as we've got you covered, just add this little beauty to your holster.

Holster Extension Strap | A Two Ants® brand holster accessory
Fits all Two Ants® chest holsters & single side holsters
Extends the adjustable straps by up to 75cm
Colour: Black


  • Suits larger framed people
  • Extends the elastic waist/shoulder strap by 75cm
  • Straps are adjustable and made of sturdy flexible elastic specially made for Two Ants® which is firm fitting
  • Duraflex buckles on waist strap for easy fitment

You will need this if:

  • You are over a 5XL shirt size for our chest holsters
  • You are over a 3XL shirt size for our "single" side holsters

Suits these Two Ants Holsters:

Radios, phones & accessories displayed are not included

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