Two Ants Extension Strap

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    Two Ants® Holster Extension Strap for larger people
    Fits all Two Ants® chest & single sided holsters
    Extends the elastic waist/shoulder strap by 75cm
    Colour: Black

    Holster Extension Strap

    Hey! If you were born as a larger framed person, or just been in a green paddock for a while,
    no need to stress as we've got you covered, just add this little beauty to your holster.

    Holster Extension Strap | A Two Ants® brand holster accessory
    Fits all Two Ants® chest holsters & single side holsters
    Extends the adjustable straps by up to 75cm
    Colour: Black


    • Suits larger framed people
    • Extends the elastic waist/shoulder strap by 75cm
    • Straps are adjustable and made of sturdy flexible elastic specially made for Two Ants® which is firm fitting
    • Duraflex buckles on waist strap for easy fitment

    You will need this if:

    • You are over a 5XL shirt size for our chest holsters
    • You are over a 3XL shirt size for our "single" side holsters

    Suits these Two Ants Holsters:

    Radios, phones & accessories displayed are not included

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    Emergency Services Requirements

    When using the Government Wireless Network (GWN) Motorola APX radios or the CFA Tait Digital Radios with Two Ants Holsters, you will need to upgrade the device kit on the Two Ants adjustable holsters to secure the heavy and extra large radio size.

    We recommend the Two Ants Heavy Duty Extra Large Device Kit (DKXLHD1BK) which uses a heavy duty elastic cord and buckle to secure the top of the radio, or if you prefer the press stud style then the the Two Ants Extra Large Device Kit (DKXL1BK) will do sufficiently but utilises the standard sized cord.


    Heavy Duty Work

    When conducting heavy duty / demanding physical work, working in dense scrub, or where the holster and radio may be constantly rubbed against things and the device holder press stud may get caught and come undone, we recommend utilising the Two Ants Heavy Duty Device Kit (DKHD1BK) which utilises a buckle and heavy duty elastic cord.   


    How To Videos

    Please see the How to page for more info on how to select the right gear and how to setup some of this gear.