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Australia's Leading Holster Supplier

Holster Shop is known for their comprehensive range of Radio Holsters, Gas Detection Holsters and GPS Holsters and Harnesses.

Every holster from Holster Shop is comfortable, lightweight and proven to be the best across all types of industries.

Check out "How To" videos HERE, and Demonstration videos of the Two Ants® products HERE.

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Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games

Gold Coast Commonwealth Games radio holsters holders

Two Ants® radio holsters were in high demand at the 2018 Gold Coast XXI Commonwealth Games.

With the Two Ants® holsters being used in the Commonwealth Games Village, the opening and closing ceremonies and many officials were urgently ordering the holsters after seeing them in use by other officials at the games.

We were sending holsters via Express Post to International Guests hotel rooms so they could use them and take them back to their countries after the games.

We are extremely proud of the top quality and practical holsters that we have designed from listening to our customers over the last few years. The Two Ants® Two Way Radio Holsters are not only comfortable, they firmly hold the radio in place even when running or working upside down. With the extra pockets on the Pharaoh and Trap Jaw models, you can hold all of your bits & pieces too.

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Thanks to everyone that has supported the Two Ants® brand!

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